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With Buster, you can ask any data question in plain english and get answers in the form of charts, graphs, etc - then build custom reports on the fly.

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How it works

Never wait on a report again.

Ask a data question, get an answer

Buster is designed to be used by anyone, from executives to product managers to customer success. No more waiting for the data you need.

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Drill into your insights, slice & dice

Dig deeper into your data and find exactly what you're looking for. Buster maintains the context of the chat you're having.

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Built for enterprise scale

Buster is designed for organizations that prioritize performance and security.

Buster connects to your database with read-only access. You have complete control of which tables or columns users can query, ensuring the security of your sensitive data. You can also allowlist our IP addresses or connect via SSH.
Buster provides granular access controls, allowing you to route users to their specific tenant or define row-level access. Access controls are implemented through a deterministic access control layer to ensure reliability and security.
Security is built into the fabric of our products, team, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured your data is safeguarded. We are actively pursuing SOC 2 certification and GDPR compliance.
Every query generated by Buster undergoes rigorous parsing and analysis before execution. This thorough process ensures the safety, security, and reliability of each query.
By default, we will never store any of your database data. Though not required, you can choose to store non-PII string values in a vector store. This allows you to maintain complete control over your data while still benefiting from enhanced performance.
All credentials are encrypted and stored in a dedicated secrets manager. Credentials are encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring they are well-protected.

Frequently asked questions

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How accurate are the AI responses?

We leverage a combination of fine-tuned models, RAG, proprietary ranking systems, ontological graph structures, and RLHF to reach 98%+ accuracy.

How long does it take to get set up?

You can connect your database and start testing buster in just a few minutes. You can have your governance and ontology built for your specific use case in a few days.

How much does Buster cost?

Contact our team for pricing information.

Can you handle complex or large databases?

Buster is built for any database (regardless of size, hygeine, complexity, etc). We have customers that have trained Buster on 600+ tables and they get production-ready results. As a general rule: the larger the database, the longer it will take to get production-ready. The more nuanced & messy the database, the longer it will take to get production-ready.

Will you store any of my customer data?

By default, we never store any of your data. You have complete control over any data that is stored. Nor is your data ever fed through an LLM. We only use your metadata as input.

What can Buster integrate with?

Buster connects to all major databases and data warehouses. These include Snowflake, Redshift, MySQL, SQLServer, MariaDB, Postgres, Supabase, Databricks, and BigQuery.

Can Buster be embedded or used via API?

Yes. Buster can be used via API. We also have a reporting UI that can be whitelabeled and embedded directly into your product. See our embedded analytics page for more info.

Does Buster write optimized queries?

Buster will write queries according to however you train it. You can train Buster to do things like reference indexes, set limits, etc. Training is extremely flexible and gives you complete control over the model.