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Watch Blake build a data feature in 3 min

Product teams use Buster to ship beautiful AI-powered reporting features, in a day.

Natural language querying, embedded into your web app

With Buster, your customers can ask text-based questions about their data and receive answers in seconds.

Set up in minutes. Implement in a day.

Buster makes it easy to build, monitor, and scale LLM-powered analytics.

Connect your database or warehouse

We integrate with all major databases and data warehouses. Connecting to your database takes less than 60 seconds.

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Train an LLM on your database

Have a production-ready LLM, fully trained on your database, in less than a day. Deploy your model with one click and start translating natural language to SQL.

*A single engineer typically stands up a PoC in 30 minutes.

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Build your front-end, without code

We built the UI so you don't have to.

Customize components, colors, fonts, charts, and more - all with our no-code builder.

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Embed your entire data feature with a single code snippet

Build your data feature once, then share it across all of your users.

Embed as a web component or iFrame. Let Buster handle the AI, UI, charting, access controls, RLHF, security, and scaling.

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Your model learns from every question it's ever asked

The more your users ask questions, the smarter your model gets. Buster makes it easy to monitor model performance, quickly detect quality issues, and rapidly improve accuracy.

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Frequently asked questions

Have other questions? Get in touch with our team via

How accurate are the AI responses?

We leverage a combination of task-specific models, RAG, proprietary ranking systems, and RLHF to guarantee 98%+ accuracy.

How long does it take to get set up?

You can connect your database and start testing buster in just a few minutes. You can fine-tune a model to your specific use case (build an RAG knowledge base) in less than a day.

How much does Buster cost?

We offer a free plan to help get you started. As you scale, we offer usage-based pricing with volume discounts. Reach out to for more details.

What types of data does Buster work with?

Buster's accuracy has less to do with the "type" of data, and more to do with implementation. If your data set is abnormally complex, Buster will still be highly performant (implementation will just be more tedious).

Will you store any of my customer data?

By default, we never store any of your data. You have complete control over any data that is stored. Nor is your data ever fed through an LLM.

What can Buster integrate with?

Buster connects to all major databases and data warehouses. These include Snowflake, Redshift, MySQL, SQLServer, MariaDB, Postgres, Supabase, Databricks, and BigQuery.

Does Buster offer API access?

Yes. We have a robust set of APIs that allow you to build production-ready text-to-sql into any workflow. Request a demo to learn more.

What security

Yes. We have a robust set of APIs that allow you to build production-ready text-to-sql into any workflow. Request a demo to learn more.