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With Buster, your customers can pull data and build dashboards using plain english

Embed a self-service data experience directly into your web app. With Buster, your customers can ask text-based questions about their data, receive answers in seconds, and build their own dashboards.

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Embed an LLM-powered reporting feature into your web app
How it works

Be production-ready in days

Connect your database or data warehouse, in less than 60 seconds

We integrate with all major databases and data warehouses (Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and more).

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Train an LLM on your database, in days

Generate database documentation, build out retrieval, and fine-tune an LLM to understand the nuances of your database schema. Deploy as an API with one click and start translating natural language to SQL.
*A single engineer typically stands up a PoC in 30 minutes.

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BYO front end, or white-label ours

Build your own interface, our white-label our pre-built UI. Customize components, colors, fonts, charts, and more with our no-code builder. Bring your own CSS to make it pixel perfect.

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Embed your new data feature, with a single code snippet

Build your data feature once, then share it across all of your users. Embed as a web component or iFrame. Let Buster handle the AI, UI, charting, access controls, RLHF, security, and scaling.

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Your model learns from every question it’s ever asked, improving over time

The more your users ask questions, the smarter your model gets. Buster makes it easy to monitor model performance, quickly detect quality issues, and rapidly improve accuracy.

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Built for enterprise scale

Buster is designed for organizations that prioritize performance and security.

Buster connects to your database with read-only access. You have complete control of which tables or columns users can query, ensuring the security of your sensitive data. You can also allowlist our IP addresses or connect via SSH.
Buster provides granular access controls, allowing you to route users to their specific tenant or define row-level access. Access controls are implemented through a deterministic access control layer to ensure reliability and security.
Security is built into the fabric of our products, team, infrastructure, and processes, so you can rest assured your data is safeguarded. We are actively pursuing SOC 2 certification and GDPR compliance.
Every query generated by Buster undergoes rigorous parsing and analysis before execution. This thorough process ensures the safety, security, and reliability of each query.
By default, we will never store any of your database data. Though not required, you can choose to store non-PII string values in a vector store. This allows you to maintain complete control over your data while still benefiting from enhanced performance.
All credentials are encrypted and stored in a dedicated secrets manager. Credentials are encrypted at rest and in transit, ensuring they are well-protected.

Frequently asked questions

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How accurate are the AI responses?

We leverage a combination of fine-tuned models, RAG, proprietary ranking systems, and RLHF to guarantee 98%+ accuracy.

How long does it take to get set up?

You can connect your database and start testing buster in just a few minutes. You can fine-tune a model to your specific use case (build a RAG knowledge base) in less than a day.

How much does Buster cost?

Contact our team for pricing information.

Will you store any of my customer data?

By default, we never store any of your data. You have complete control over any data that is stored. Nor is your data ever fed through an LLM.

What can Buster integrate with?

Buster connects to all major databases and data warehouses. These include Snowflake, Redshift, MySQL, SQLServer, MariaDB, Postgres, Supabase, Databricks, and BigQuery.

Does Buster offer API access?

Yes. We have a robust set of APIs that allow you to build production-ready text-to-sql into any workflow. Request a demo to learn more or check out our docs.