Why Buster?

Static dashboards make for underwhelming data features.

Your customers have data questions that just aren't answered in your static dashboard.

10x your reporting feature

10x your data experience. Wow your customers.

Customers should get the data they want, when they want it. With Buster, they can.

Ship AI features, fast
Accelerate your AI roadmap. Push to production in days.

The average engineer stands up a Buster PoC in 30 minutes. Most teams test Buster for 2-3 days before putting their data app in production. Don't spend 2+ quarters shipping your AI data feature. Use Buster and do it in a single sprint.

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Save time, talent, and money
Save on engineering resources. Ship a 10x feature with a single engineer.

Save months of dev time and ship powerful data features in days. Trust us. Building a feature like this is complex. We make it simple and easy.

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Stand out, sell more
Differentiate from your competitors. Close more deals.

Buster-powered data features wow prospects and retain customers. Stand out from your competitors. Set more demos, close more deals, and increase retention. 

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