Static dashboards make for underwhelming data features.

Your customers have data questions that just aren't answered in your static dashboard.

Customers should get the data they want, when they want it.

With buster, they can.

Query in plain english

Instantly pull insights and generate charts using natural language.

Refine, slice & dice with clarifying messages

Drill into metrics and refine the data that's returned with natural language.

Customize charts and save insights to a dynamic dashboard

Customize charts and save them to a customizable dashboard.

Build AI data features into your product, without burning months of engineering resources.

Train an LLM on your database

Train LLMs to query your structured database or warehouse with natural language. Deploy text-to-SQL APIs in one click.

Rapidly build your UI without code

Build a self-serve data UI in Buster's no-code UI builder. Customize it's look and feel to match your web app and brand styling.

Securely control and manage access

Implement access controls and validation across your database. Ensure everyone's data is distributed exactly as intended.

Embed into your web app, seamlessly

Embed your data app via iFrame or web component. Provide your users with a dynamic, self-serve user experience.
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